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I know everyone likes to complain about BT, however…

Last Friday I received a text from a good friend to say that Arsenal will be on Sky and ESPN 6 times over the next month. I don’t have Sky Sports, mainly because I have four kids and a number of hobbies, all of which keep me away from the TV, and secondly it’s pretty expensive for watching only a couple of matches a month. However I do try to follow Arsenal as much as I can.

We have BT Vision at home, which I’ve always found excellent value. In fact because it’s free, and provides one of the best PVRs (think “a-more-stable-Sky+”) on the market, it’s unbeatable value.

So I went on to the BT Vision website on Friday lunchtime and ordered Sky Sports for the month. Yes – you can order it for the month, and when you order Sky Sports, you get virtually everything else thrown in as well – ESPN, kids channels, movies, etc., all for under £30. By Monday BT had updated my subscription and I watched Arsenal thrash Leyton Orient on ESPN on Tuesday.

As a consumer, the experience of using the web to upgrade my package through to using my BT Vision box could not have been simpler. I know everyone likes to complain about BT, however when they get it right, it really is as smooth as clockwork.

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  1. I enjoy the Sky+ experience… I can upgrade my package via my mobile app (it launches the mobile site through the browser) The newly purchased channels are available immediately (they say they can take 24hrs but I’ve only ever had to wait 10secs)And what’s more – if I have upgraded while away from home, I can record anything on any channel (including the new ones) from the push of a button on the mobile app.They have, in my eyes at least, set the bench mark for mobile and home TV working in tandem.The price is the only downside to Sky, but I justify it by making sure I watch at least 6 games of football a month (which I easily do!) – that way, it’s only a couple of ££ per game. Plus I will continue to watch the recording of Chelsea vs Man Utd for the rest of the season!!

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