Digital Media pace accelerating

The pace of Digital Media is still accelerating in what has always been a fast moving industry.

This week’s highlights (and it’s only Wednesday!):

  1. New Google styling across their apps (basically it’s all gone darker and neater – it now looks like it’s been designed as a suite of tools, rather than cobbled together by a developer who has a passing interest in web design). I suspect the new styling is all part of the preparation of the Google Chromebooks
  2. And while talking of Google, Google+ has been launched. And they’ve also launched What Do You Love – a mashup of different Google Searches. WDYL is nice, but it’s not immediately obvious how I’ll use it usefully
  3. Zynga has announced it will IPO for around $2 billion, valuing the company at $15 billion. Zynga produce a number of online games including the hugely popular Farmville. $15b is a huge amount of money, however Zynga’s revenue is already $850m and as a parent of young children, I can see the industry has got lots more potential
  4., of Domain Name fame is just about to be sold for $2 billion. GoDaddy were also going to go the IPO route a couple of years ago on revenues of $800m but have preferred the route of private investment companies

In other news:

  1. The clocks are ticking for a number of high street retailers with Thornton’s, Carpetright, Jane Norman and TJ Hughes all either making some massive cutbacks or shutting down altogether. Carpetright are blaming the recession – that people don’t want to buy big ticket items at the moment, but that wouldn’t apply to Thornton’s or TJ Hughes and Jane Norman who are clothing retailers. I think it’s more to do with customer’s shopping habits because clothing website ASOS is growing at the same time that the others are shutting down tens of shops. 
  2. National Insurance cards are going to be phased out. From now on we’ll get a letter instead. What were the cards ever used for anyway? And why not replace the cards with emails or a mobile app? It’s about time the government hired a CIO from industry and let loose with a clear remit on improving ROI.

I’ve been asked by some other sites to write some blog posts – check out Technorati and Endava’s new posts, and I’ll let you know when Sitecore and CMSWatch both publish my articles too.


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