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I’ve just came back from a business trip to Cluj in Romania where our development and test teams are located. Whilst away, two very unrelated things struck me:

The first was the mild interest in how a city in Romania can become such a centre of excellence in the technology field, which in turn can build an airport and fill WizzAir flights to their brim every day of the week. The airport was busy even at some unearthly hour this morning with English, American and many European languages. The airport has expanded considerably in the last 12 months due to the amount of business going on in the city. Judging by the destinations of the flights from Luton airport each morning, this seems to be happening all over Europe.

The second point, and I did warn that this was unrelated, was how I mainly switched to using my phone for email – not exactly unusual you might think – isn’t this a common practice? Exactly, so why did none of the email newsletters that I subscribe to, render on my phone? All of the emails thought that my email client was capable of rendering an HTML version of the newsletter, so my Nokia was showing all kinds of markup, and the content was illegible. Maybe this was made worse because my phone will only collect the first few kb of each email. I don’t particularly care… it shouldn’t be something I need to think about.

It probably feels like a step backwards to produce text based emails, but considering the amount of people who use BlackBerrys (BlackBerries?) and similar phones  for both work and personal communication nowadays, isn’t it obvious?

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  1. Am fairly sure most smartphones accept HTML emails, you might need to turn it on somewhere in a menu. Like outlook the default is not to accept them because of the higher data downloads required. When roaming particularly one might not want it on as default if you pay your own bill.

  2. I think the main issue is that the user needs to make a change to the handset that requires a level of technical knowledge. What the phone should do, is to work out if it hasn’t downloaded the entire HTML version, it should *automatically* download the text version.

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