Fortnightly web reading list

Here’s what I’ve read over the last fortnight.
One thing I experienced over the last fortnight is that we take cloud services for granted. When I upgraded my work laptop to Windows 10, I lost a few days worth of web pages stored in OneTab because I assumed the bookmarks were saved in the cloud – my apologies.
China tourist visas: user research | Government Digital Service – some great advice and experiences on user testing, and the need to do it face to face sometimes.
Warc – Contactless payment takes off– Contactless payments grew 108% in 2014, but as a new technology, should we be expecting an even higher use?

Watch mesmerising eruptions on the Sun captured by Nasa (Wired UK) – Switch your phone off, close Outlook and put your PC headphones on. Then take five minutes to watch the magical videos on this page.
That was 400 days of delivery – some more tips from the UK’s Government Digital Service.
Fixing the Red Screen-after-update issue with the Microsoft Surface – Possibly the worst error message of all time.
At some start-ups, Friday is so casual that it’s not even a workday – The Washington Post – Join the four-day working week revolution!! Viva la revolution!!
Finextra: Finovate Europe 2015 – Day 1 roundup – A good summary of Finovate.
Replacing Middle Management with APIs by Peter Reinhardt – Thanks to a colleague Steve for this one, which spawned a debate over email (never a good thing). Bill Gates described this scenario in his 1990s book, The Road Ahead.
BBC News – Sky shares fall after Premier League TV rights deal – Finger wagging from the market after Sky won the Premier League TV rights. Although it would have been the middle finger if they hadn’t won.
Finextra: Lloyds to accept electronic photo ID docs for online account opening – Identity is still a major issue in 2015 for the financial services industry.

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