Happy birthday post


It’s embarrassing when you forget a birthday, and it’s double embarrassing when you forget your own. On 16 January this blog turned two years’ old.

As has become custom – well, I did it last year so I’ll do it again, here are some of the traffic stats.

Before I begin, thank you and all the visitors who have been coming to the site. 

This is a comparison between the year up to 17 January 2010 and 2011:

    18 Jan 2011 to  
17 Jan 2012  
  18 Jan 2010 to  
17 Jan 2011  






Page Views  



So, whilst I apologise for not writing as many posts as last year, the ones I did write seem to be more interesting!

These figures don’t include the RSS feed readers or search engines which keep crawling the site.

I said last year that my aims for 2011/2 were to double the traffic and have more people commenting. The table above shows the first objective was achieved. As for the number of comments, this is measure using the blog tool (Posterous).

My aims for next year is to keep growing the traffic by the same amount – here’s to over 7,500 visitors in the next year.

Once again, if you have any recommendations or articles you’d like to see, please let me know by adding a comment below or contacting me directly. As soon as I get requests I usually act upon them within a couple of days.

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