How to get a free education contacted me and asked me to review the video above and asked me to include a link to it.

As far as videos about the social media videos go, regular readers will know that I like the socialnomics09 YouTube videos such as Social Media Revolution, and I’ve even seen those videos used for customer pitches.’s video is very well produced but it’s still not as good as the socialnomics09 ones. However, I started looking around the web site and it’s fascinating.

Open-site contains links to education course material which is open source – i.e. links to coursework, arranged as a syllabus.

Let’s say you want to learn something about accountancy. You can select accountancy from the homepage. The next page contains relevant accountancy educational material.

You can also select which level of Accountancy you want to study for… from Associate’s to Master’s to a Doctorate. There are no fees, and no commitment.

I’ve been interested in studying an English writing course and found a great syllabus via Open-site. The content is picked from blog articles, YouTube, podcasts and other education sites.

It doesn’t appear to be computer generated – it really feels like it’s been hand selected by experts and each link says how long it will take to cover the topic.

Open-site has opened up a whole area of the Internet that isn’t widely known. Open Education has some large funding from people, and some well-known universities including MIT have put courses into Open Education.

Open Education is a great idea. Quite how it can be certified into an industry recognised diploma is an interesting challenge, however the core ethos of providing education to everyone, without any cost is admirable. 

I would imagine it will eventually follow open source software, where the core materials are free, and the tutor support, exam and certification will be available at a chargeable cost.

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  1. I came across something very similar at and heard some very positive comments about it from some of my colleagues.The courses are given by leading academics from various universities and comprise video lectures, tests, papers etc.

  2. Coursea has an impressive list of universities on display. I’d be interested to hear whether your colleagues were looking for additional learning, or wanted a specific certification and whether their expectations were met.

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