iPlayer downtime last night


Last night I sat down with the wife to watch Top Gear. We realised we hadn’t recorded it, so we went to iPlayer to watch it. Unfortunately iPlayer was down last night, presenting a rather humble and plain looking ‘403 Error’.

We look after some rather large sites at Endava, and I can only imagine what the poor techies at the BBC were going through last night – undoubtedly trying to roll back the latest code or environment changes, or work out where the extra traffic was coming from (simultaneously trying to work out what to do with it).

At times like that, I think that I think differently to other users – I start feeling sorry for the service provider (and specifically, the individuals there) rather than a ‘typical’ consumer complaining about where the service has gone.

The infamous England goal during the World Cup was the same – as soon as the advert on ITV HD came on during matchplay, my stomach curled up and I thought “someone feels really bad for this” – despite me missing out on the England goal at the time… although I must add that the conspiracy theorist in me questions whether it was a publicity stunt or not.

A client (who came from a traditional TV background) once said to me that the difference between the web and TV is that TV never goes down. With iPlayer on my TV at home – is that still really true?

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