It’s not the bankers’ fault


After working in the City for a little over 12 months now, I think I’ve come to realise that it’s not the greed of the investment bankers for the recession, it’s their environmental bubble called the City of London.

I came into work yesterday, battling with the Tube strike (I don’t use the motorbike when it’s less than 1 degree), only to see a Ferrari and Maserati driving past the exit to Bank Station. Apparently the bankers are unaffected by Tube strikes.

Today, like 60-odd million other Britons, I woke up to see the country under a white blanket. People on the tube were wearing Wellington boots, hiking boots and clothing suitable for Everest. I came out of Bank station – not a flake of snow had settled on the ground. The snow was like a light rain. The bankers probably didn’t even realise the snow had settled outside of The Square Mile.

My point here is that the City of London is like an ‘almost artificial’ bubble that is unaffected by extremities that the rest of the country faces. And that’s not their fault!

Photo courtesy of Jon Curnow.

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