Just one pint during the holidays


Like many of us weird humans, I am particularly squeamish about blood and all that stuff. Oddly I’m OK with other people’s injuries, but when it comes to seeing blood leaking out of myself, or even the thought of a needle, my legs turn to jelly and my palms start sweating.

Like many people, I used the squeamish excuse for a few years to delay giving blood. However I thought that it’s time to grow up and so I popped down to my local blood centre this morning and do the right thing.

The staff are fantastic. They claim to be used to dealing with squeamish people all the time, and from the moment I walked in, I had a nurse chatting with me the entire time. The donation process itself is the shortest bit of all – it only took six minutes to fill the bag, and it really didn’t hurt at all — believe me, I have the lowest pain threshold of all time.

During the entire visit I refused to look at a single needle or ‘bag’ (I won’t elaborate here).

Once the donation is over with, you sit in a room with another friendly nurse, who will make any soft or hot drink you want, and ply you with sandwiches, biscuits, mince pies. I reckon if you asked for roast chicken she’d pop down to Tesco.

If you haven’t given blood before, just have a think about it. Just think of the food.

Click here to find out where you can donate blood locally.

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