My new favourite iPhone app


Thanks to a mixture of training for the bike ride, and Simon, one of the guys who will be on the ‘team’ down to Brighton, who showed me the ‘Motion X GPS’ app for the iPhone.

The app basically tracks your route as you go on a journey, and keeps some basic stats about the journey – speed, average speed and so on. Every 2 minutes it also logs the altitude.

What’s clever is that at the end of the route you can share the journey on your Facebook profile, Twitter or just as an email link to Google Maps, which shows the route and all the stats about the journey.

Another clever feature is that you can download maps in advance from Bing, to your phone, rather than keep requiring the app to download maps during the journey. I assume this is to save battery life during the journey.

The free version only allows you to store one journey.

If you go cycling, running, or just meandering on a bike/car on the weekends, the app is well worth downloading.

And finally, it’s a bit depressing that even at 7am on a motorcycle, the average speed through London is still only 16mph!

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