Nice homepage, Quidco

Quidco have redesigned their website, and one of the ideas I like the most is that they show in real time how many people have registered on the site. It gives a good sense of scale and success of the website, and is implemented nicely.


If you haven’t joined Quidco, I recommend you have a good look.

Basically their business model is that all their referral/affiliate fees are passed back to their customers… i.e. me and you. They take a £5 annual charge, but only once you’ve earned £5 in cashback, so you don’t really lose anything. It turns the tables on sites like and the other price comparison websites, who earn all their money from referral fees (and don’t pass anything on to the customer). 


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  1. Thanks for this post Bradley. Company I work for currently has supporters of a cause and this is a great idea to implement on our front page ( have sent through the idea to our brand manager as a suggestion ).Your posts are always a good and quick read.Keep posting.RegardsHendrik

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