The pen is mightier than the Xbox

Bradley Howard in Calligraphy
Calligraphy – lesson 1 results (thanks to the hard work courtesy of N. Howard aged 10)

Here’s an interesting anecdotal story to consider (and I’m still working on what the conclusion is!).

My children are aged between 6 and 11, and are at primary school. Like most, if not all their peers, they spend most of their leisure time on the family PCs and Xbox. They watch films on Netflix (on the Xbox). In summary, they are as technically literate as any primary school children can be.

One of the teachers at school recently offered years 5 & 6 (that’s ages 9-11, covers three of my kids, and is a story in itself) an extra curricular calligraphy class. The teacher received such a great response that he now offers two full classes. There are around 60 children in each year of the school, and half of them are interested in calligraphy.

I mentioned last week the Margaret Thatcher special edition Times paper edition was more effective than the electronic/ digital edition.

Despite the constant yearning for the Xbox and PC, it seems that children find writing with a pen just as attractive as a hobby.

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