Phone charges – a fundamental reassessment


I’ve just returned from a successful off-site conference at a hotel in Hertfordshire.

There was absolutely no phone coverage in the hotel, and we had to walk 50m away from the building before starting to pick up a signal. It’s a mixed blessing when you don’t get coverage at an offsite event.

In a good way, at least everyone is focussing on the event – less phone and email distractions. However life is never this simple, and with a number of project deadlines, several of us had to keep running outside the hotel to keep checking voicemails and making a few calls.

What annoyed us though was the prices of using the hotel wireless (£15 a day, per person) and the room telephone. £2.25 for free calls – local calls at £1.25 – see the photo above. I was on the phone for a couple of hours each day – so I’d have ended up with a phone bill of over £450 for 3 days.

I dread to think what the prices were like before the fundamental reassessment! 


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