SAP & Salesforce shopping trips this week

What a week it’s been for some Digital Media businesses with two significant purchases:

SAP & Hybris ($1-$1.5bn)

SAP has bought Hybris for around $1b-$1.5bn. SAP provide enterprise application software – from HR to Finance to stock and supply chain management to CRM to Business Intelligence. They have almost all have over a quarter of a million customers, mostly SMEs, although they are best known for their huge implementations. SAP had revenues of $3.6bn in Q1 2013, with profit after tax of $520m.

Hybris is one of the most widely used industrial-strength e-commerce platforms. Hybris generated around $110 million in revenue in 2012 and has about 400 customers worldwide including Levis, Samsung, P&G, GE, Nikon, Ericsson, Oakley and Nespresso.

Salesforce & ExactTarget ($2.5bn)

ExactTarget share price w/c 3rd June 2013
Wish you bought ExactTarget shares earlier this week?

Salesforce has bought Exact Target for around $2.5billion. is one of the biggest enterprise SaaS (Software as a Service) offerings, specialising in the full sales and CRM lifecycle. Total Q1 2013 revenue was $893 million with a net loss of $67m.

Exact Target are one of the best outbound delivery systems out there. ExactTarget’s latest earnings guidance was $376-$379m for the year. In Q1 2013 they had revenues of $88.9m and a net loss of $11.6m. Disclaimer: Endava are an ExactTarget partner.

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