Some academic work on the agenda

Tomorrow I am doing a short lecture at the School of Management at the University of Southampton showcasing some of our recent work. One of the nice consequences of working with clients who are huge superbrands is being asked to present our capabilities to other organisations. One of the lecturers, Dr Bev Hulbert approached me at a recent conference after I spoke about Spots V Stripes and asked if I would talk to his University class.

I know many people who criticise universities for not keeping up to date with ‘the real World’ (I prefer to use the verb “‘tainted’ by the real World”) and yet those same people refuse to help universities to do so by giving a little time to them. These short sighted views make me pretty mad (you can tell I’ve been using the Tube recently!)

The reason I’m doing the lecture tomorrow is quite straightforward:
  1. Spread the Endava brand (Hey, I’m being honest)
  2. Spot talented students (still being honest)
  3. These students will (eventually/ hopefully) find jobs and need companies to build the infrastructure Endava can provide
  4. It’s necessary to educate the next generation – and with university funding being reduced, it’s important the private sector helps to fill in the gap
  5. Working with young people gives a new perspective on work – and I always end up learning something else myself


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