Speaking at Social Media Week


Next Thursday Endava are hosting an event as part of Social Media Week in association with one of our platform stack partners, Telligent.

We decided to create the event because many of our Financial Services clients are asking us why they should be using social media. Note that there’s a big difference in our world between social media and social networks.

We started planning the event a while ago and then saw that Social Media Week are organising a number of events next week, so we moved it back a fortnight.

I’ll be discussing some of the basic principles of social media for Financial Services. We also have a couple of banks talking about their experiences with social media, and just as importantly – where they think it’s going. These are senior managers within banks, because social media has become a serious consideration for them.

The final speaker of the evening is the author Richard Watson. I’ve written some reviews of Richard’s books in this blog before, and contributed some comments to his blog too. Meeting Richard as part of the research for the event was an experience in itself – his office is a floating battleship on the Thames, and he’s a fascinating chap.

Altogether I’m looking forward to the event as I always do. I’m pretty excited about listening to the other speakers – we deliberately sought out to find people with their own strong opinions on where this type of technology is going, and boy do they have opinions.

If you’re interested in attending, register here very soon because there are only a few spaces remaining. As I mentioned, it is highly targeted towards Financial Services. We’re planning to do a follow up event later this year for other industries. 

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