The Emporer’s New Tweets

If Twitter is so popular, why doesn’t a single advert on the Tube have a Twitter username?

In fact, the only time I’ve seen a Twitter keyword or username ever used is on the BBC programme #bbcrevolution which appeared at the start of the programme.

If brands really think that Twitter is the future, I’d expect to see many more posters and adverts with @something or #others.

4 thoughts on “The Emporer’s New Tweets

  1. I’d say because brands are still wanting to drive traffic to their site and value web traffic more than followers. While it’s easier to get users to visit profile pages, it’s a double conversion from ad to Twitter to site. In my experience, the middle step is worthwhile.

  2. it’s an actual tv program vs ad, right? CNN does the same thing. I think news industry is "getting" social better than most after getting beat to the punch by citizen journalists in the last two years. What do you think?

  3. Depends on the brand. Right now Twitter is (at least to the mainstream) quite "cutting edge". I daresay some YOOF brand will do is soon to appear hip and down with the kids daddyo.

  4. I thought about this whilst walking in the London Underground last night. And then realised I hadn’t seen Twitter used on TV ads or programmes. I would have expected to have started seeing it on TV ads by now.

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