This Year’s Charity Event


Three years ago I grew a beard for charity and together with all the guys at IMG, we raised about £6,000. Two years ago we all (now including the ladies) dyed our hair blonde and raised just under £7k. Last year, well, we kind of took a year off.

This year, I’ll be cycling from London to Brighton. 60 something miles doesn’t sound that difficult does it? OK… keep reading.

The fun part: Here’s how the charity part works. 

I am willing to wear pretty much anything that the highest donor on this page wants me to wear. 

So if Tom (a name that is not picked at random) donates the most, he gets to choose what I wear on the actual London to Brighton bike ride. There will be ample photographic evidence provided during the day. If Tom donates the most and is then ‘outbid’ by another kind (or not) donor, he can add additional money as a separate donation.

Sounds simple? Hopefully it is. Just remember, whoever donates the most, gets to choose what I wear in June.

About the bike: I got the bike for £25 off eBay during the winter. I don’t think it has ever featured in the Tour de France. Since then it’s been rained on and snowed on. I haven’t owned a bike for some ten years, so cycling 50 odd miles to Brighton will be a bit challenge.

And the fitness: Yup, it’s gonna be difficult because my finely tuned legs are a little out of tune. And with the 4 kids, any practice rides/time are going to be tough.


A couple of rules:

  1. My bottom is a little delicate, and therefore I will be wearing super-uber-padded cycling shorts. I’ll wear pretty much anything over them, but I will need to wear the shorts in order that I am able to sit down the next day.
  2. I’m not quite as fit as Lance Armstrong, so any full length monkey outfits or huge head wear are probably going to be the end of me (literally).
  3. I ain’t cycling in the nude. (Plus, see rule #1).
  4. I know some people have discussed a custom made t-shirt with some sort of slogan. Whilst I’m reasonably comfortable with this approach, neither the t-shirt or the general outfit can be anything that is going to cause serious offence to others – I’ll leave that to your discretion!

Please use the JustGiving site to make a bid.

The charity: All money goes straight to Great Ormond Street via this website. Great Ormond Street Hospital is a children’s hospital in London that treats over 150,000 kids each year.


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