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Photo courtesy of Merlijn Hoek on Flickr

Thought for the day (well actually it’s been at the back of my mind for a few months) – how come old people today are living so long when most of their lives they don’t know anything about a good diet or exercise?

For clarification, I’m referring to old people as above 80. (Am I allowed to call old people “old people?” I certainly don’t mean any offence by the title.

The current old people invented fish and chips and coped with far worse air pollution (smog) for many of their younger years.

I’ve been speaking to old people and I haven’t spoken to a single one of them who has been to a gym, used olive oil when baking, been able to describe what a calorie is, or know the difference between fat and calories. 

So how come we live in a society where foods are marked in massive text “LOW CALORIE! LOW FAT!” and there are gyms in every small town? My questions for the weekend is that current old people have lived without these ‘aids’ for their lives, so are they necessary, and secondly – will it mean we will live even longer?

Please discuss…

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